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Our Mission

Plug&Play, easy-to-use and versatile solution to give you total control of the live action on track. Our goal is to keep the technology simple and adaptable to every type of sport and racing situation. The installation takes only a few seconds and does not interfere with any of the car systems.

The installation is simple and versatile, you will only need:

  • A smartphone
  • A dedicated mount
The new Fastream app!

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Fastream now on your mobile device. Download it form your store.

Connecting the team

Jump in the car…from the pitwall

FG91 Fastream gives you video, audio and data stream directly from the smartphone placed in the car, without any additional hardware.
  • You can view the stream on a dedicated platform
  • We provide specific functionalities for motorsport applications
Fastream now on your mobile device. Download it form your store. Fastream now on your mobile device. Download it form your store.

Live action

All the info you need

FG91 Fastream uses the technology available in a standard smartphone to obtain and process the most important data coming from the cockpit.

These are the tools used:

Internet connection (4G/5G)
Internet connection (4G/5G)

Live streaming

How does FG91 Fastream work

FASTREAMs are shown on a dedicated web platform.

You can set them as:

  • Public FASTREAM
  • Private FASTREAM (exclusive content for the team or dedicated users)

With the FASTORAGE technology you will be able to record and organize your live streaming, as well as having the “live replay” available at any time.

Fastream now on your mobile device. Download it form your store.

Race Direction

Designed for Race Direction

FG91 Fastream is the ideal tool, not only for teams but also for race direction of every motorsport event.

With its versatility and ease to use is possible to:

  • Monitor drivers’ behavior LIVE
  • Analyze and replay actions in real time with the FASTORAGE technology, even before the car stops or the session is over
Live timing on mobile device. Live timing on mobile device. Live timing on mobile device.

Live Experience

Fastream everywhere!

FG91 Fastream is also designed for the public, with possible integration with live and web TV.
  • Share the images with the whole world
  • Choose the driver to follow live
  • Picture in Picture to follow more than one Fastream at a time
  • Low latency stream <400ms
  • Video Output 1080p 30FPS
  • Switch between Fastreams <1s
  • To watch a public Fastream all is needed is to log in for free on the FG91 Fastream website

You can watch it on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a smart TV! You will only need a web browser and an internet connection.

Live timing on mobile device.

Start now!

Become a Fastreamer!

Starting to use FG91 Fastream is very simple, you just need a smartphone and an active subscription plan!
  • Download FG91 Fastream App from your Store.
  • Register on the website and subscribe the plan that suits your needs
  • Install the phone on the vehicle
  • Start FASTREAMing!

FG91 Fastream features

A lot of features in a single App!

With FG91 Fastream you can transform your smartphone in an on-board camera! These are all the features that are available, according to the subscription you will choose:

Create your own team

Watch every public Fastream

Live streaming from the App

Private Fastream for your team

100GB Cloud Recording

Live Speed

Live lap timing

Live lap-counter

GPS data

Click here to find all the infos you need, including pricing and payment mode.

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The new Fastream app!

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